A new generation of one-stop digital asset management platform-MTC wallet is coming!

‘ The security of blockchain assets is the cornerstone of the industry’s prosperity. ’ — MTC

For digital currency investors, the security of funds is always the first, and in the ecological world such as the public chain, security is a strong need. Especially in recent years, as the volume of digital currency continues to expand, industry security incidents have occurred frequently, exchanges have been stolen, and basic tool vulnerabilities have emerged one after another. Only by creating truly safe, stable, and easy-to-use underlying platforms and products can we fundamentally meet the needs of users and promote the development of the industry.

Putting security first, MTC wallet is coming

As a new generation of intelligent traffic application aggregation public chain, MTC has always been committed to building a large-traffic commercial blockchain, striving to build a large-traffic commercial ecosystem, and providing safe, efficient, and simple landing applications and services for global users.

Recently, the first MTC public chain wallet (MTCWallet) in the MTC smart traffic chain ecosystem was officially launched.

The MTC wallet is linked to the MTC ecosystem and now supports diversified digital assets in the ecosystem such as the main chain token M coin, side chain token MT, and “M+” fund token MF, which is convenient for user management. In the future, MTC wallet will continue to open other functions to meet the market demand of multiple applications and multiple scenarios.

As a decentralized wallet, MTC wallet uses local storage of private keys, physical isolation and multi-layer algorithm encryption to ensure data security. In addition, MTC wallet also supports node free switching and breakpoint reconnection technology to ensure the stability and reliability of nodes.

MTC Wallet is committed to providing a safe and easy-to-use one-stop asset management service for global users. Users can quickly trade and use application services while ensuring 100% of their assets are under their control.

The launch of the MTC wallet not only allows MTC users to deeply participate in the MTC ecological construction, but also further enriches the MTC infrastructure construction and accelerates the realization of the MTC high-traffic business ecosystem.

Traffic application aggregation, smart connection to the world

As one of the important traffic portals of the MTC ecology, MTC wallet plays a key role in expanding users and prospering the ecology. Next, the team will also take multiple measures to continuously optimize and upgrade services, provide users with more convenient, smarter, and more diversified infrastructure tools and services, and build a “multi-faceted” and in-depth development of the flow ecological application kingdom.

Based on the needs of the users, in less than two years, MTC has successfully completed the two-generation version iteration, realized the perfect transition from the “Dawn of Light” era to the “Ecological Journey” era, and successfully entered the overseas market and entered the mainstream international transaction platform BW.io, which has been recognized by users worldwide.

In the future, MTC will always keep in mind a high sense of mission and responsibility, work with more partners, continue to launch product applications that meet the core needs of users, and continue to lay out MTC’s internationalization process, and use technological innovation to influence and promote global blockchain traffic applications. The sustainable development of ecology writes a more beautiful chapter for global digital asset users.

Metcalfe Chain(MTC) is a new generation of intelligent traffic application aggregation public chain.