AMA RECAP — MT SERIAL ARENA is the first landing application on the MT intelligent game chain

--Introduction Session

10 min readDec 14, 2020

Thank you to the Bang Pateng Community for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Metcalfe Time on December 12th, 2020. This guest star Mr. JIN KO. If you were unable to join the live AMA, no worries, here comes our 27th AMA recap!

We are glad to meet here:

Introduction Session

Host: Hello everyone, welcome to MTC AMA, I am the host of today’s AMA. In recent years, with the rapid development of technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and big data, many companies hope to use emerging technologies to open up new ecological traffic pools and enjoy the traffic dividends of the new era.

So, the sharing project we invited today is MTC a new generation of intelligent traffic application aggregation public chain. At present, MTC has begun to create a brand-new high-traffic application ecosystem. It also continues to expand ecologically and launches a global strategy. Today I am honored to invite MTC co-founder JIN KO to share with us more about MTC peak moments.

JIN KO: Hello, everyone. I am JIN KO, the co-founder of MTC. I am very happy to have the opportunity to share with you here.

Host: Mr. JIN KO is Korean Hispanic. He served as an assistant to the Minister of Defense of South Korea. And it used to work for Samsung Private Capital, engaged in investment and finance, and led a team in charge of multiple multinational projects. As a representative of Korean descent, he was received by South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun, and led the cross-border integration and operation of the commercial operation of this project.

JIN KO: Thank you for your introduction. As we all know, traffic is a core value-added asset for the industry and company. It is an important indicator to improve economic productivity. Even with the explosion of the blockchain outlet, circulation is also the basic element of its development. This is the core value of blockchain business reconstruction. Then, MTC has accelerated the application of traffic in this regard. Today, I would like to share with you the ecological expansion and global layout planning of MTC.

SESI 1 (introduction Project )

Host: Q1. OK, let’s start, please give us a brief introduction to the MTC project.

JIN KO: Metcalfe Chain(referred to as MTC)is a new generation of intelligent traffic application aggregation public chain. It is dedicated to cracking the core pain points of blockchain large-scale traffic applications.The MTC intelligent traffic chain proposes a distributed intelligent traffic pool (MTCENGINE), a mergerable governance structure MER and a Metcalfe token model. MTC adopts the MBFT consensus based on distributed traffic management and is compatible with IPFS and cloud computing architecture. By activating the widest range of user idle traffic to form a million-level content edge node, MTC provides convenient chain reform and business transformation model reconstruction for large-scale traffic industries such as live video, large-scale games, high-traffic e-commerce, and scene finance.

Host: Q2. In order to create a systematic and diversified ecological application and move towards an international mainstream platform, what ecological applications has MTC currently launched?

JIN KO: In order to build a prosperous application ecosystem for MTC, MTC has successively launched blockchain browsers, MTC wallets (MTC Wallet) and MT side chain games.Through the MTC blockchain browser, users can learn more about the operation of the main network. Users can query data such as transaction information, block records, destruction records, and addresses of major position holders. MTC Wallet is linked to the MTC ecosystem and is committed to providing safe, efficient, simple, and one-stop asset management landing applications and services for global users. Users can ensure that their assets are 100% under their control while quickly trading and using them.

After entering the 2.0 development stage, the M+ flow blue ocean plan was launched, an important ecological support application plan. This is mainly to take full advantage of MTC’s “integrated traffic management” and “compatibility with centralized and decentralized traffic paradigm” through multi-directional support. In this way, we can promote and cultivate the application of smart traffic chain in high-traffic applications, such as live video, large-scale games, large-scale advertisements, autonomous driving (5G), Internet of Things, CDN acceleration and other scenarios.

In addition to the M+ flow blue ocean plan, we also launched the ecological fund “M+” last month. This is mainly used to help build the market and cultivate a more professional and systematic high-quality community team. As a professional blockchain community.

The fund also enhances the comprehensive strength of the team in an all-round way through professional personnel training mechanisms and special offline practical courses. At the same time, by building an ecological backfeeding development model of foundation + high-quality community, all high-quality communities and “M+” funds will work together to create a prosperous application ecology for the blockchain industry.

At present, the “M+” fund has publicized two batches of support communities and allocated millions of support funds. We look forward to more people with lofty ideals to join us. Whether it is an existing project in the MTC ecosystem, or other outstanding entrepreneurs and traditional project teams in the industry, you can come to apply.

Host:Q3. You mentioned the MT side chain game just now, can you give us a brief introduction?

JIN KO: The MT intelligent game chain is a side chain based on the MTC intelligent traffic chain. It was officially launched on December 3 — Serial Arena, which is also the first game application under the MTC intelligent traffic chain ecology.

MT SERIAL ARENA is a game flow and game digital asset interaction platform based on economic models. MT SERIAL ARENA uses “confidential transactions” as the privacy protection protocol, and adopts the safe and fast EQUIHASH POW (Proof of Work Mining Algorithm) as the consensus algorithm. It uses the three-dimensional standards of credibility, contribution and activity to measure user behavior, time and computing power contribution.

Host: Q4. At this stage, blockchain games are also emerging in endlessly. What do you think is the pain point of this market? How did the serial arena make a breakthrough?

JIN KO : The combination of blockchain and games can be traced back to the popular collectible pet game CryptoKitties in 2017. Its appearance once caused the collapse of the Ethereum network, and it can be regarded as the first blockchain application out of the circle. In the following years, countless imitation games appeared on the market. The same gameplay and packaging gradually wiped out the enthusiasm and expectations of the market.

At this stage, while blockchain games have achieved certain development, there are still many problems such as single gameplay, rough picture quality, opaque game mechanisms, and game players’ inability to truly master game assets. In order to allow game ownership to truly return to users and allow gamers to obtain stable and sustainable income, the serial arena games are launched.

The serial arena is one of the important layouts of MTC ecology. It is both entertaining and financial. It not only allows players to play happily, but also allows them to truly participate in the construction of the game ecosystem, ultimately accelerating user feedback and prosperity of the MTC ecosystem.

As the “King of Glory” of the blockchain industry, the Serial Arena solves the pain point of the inability to integrate the blockchain economy and games, and opens a new era of the blockchain game industry.

Host: Q5. Compared with other blockchain games on the market, what are the characteristics and advantages of the serial arena?

JIN KO: Three advantages of MT SERIAL ARENA

  • The gameplay is simple and easy to use

Traditional games generally have complicated gameplay, slow withdrawals to accounts, and split between players and platforms. The serial arena integrates digital economy and game skillfully. He carefully designed the gameplay to make the game more fun, simpler and more efficient. Regardless of whether it is an individual player, playing the master node can easily play and earn, the income is withdrawn in seconds, and 7*24 hours borderless transactions.

  • Convenient flash redemption, withdraw within seconds

Serial Arena is the first landing application on the MT intelligent game chain. MT is a side chain developed based on the new generation of intelligent traffic aggregation public chain MTC intelligent traffic chain. Relying on MTC’s original high-traffic commercial architecture, Serial Arena can realize seamless conversion between digital assets. Users can exchange assets with one key according to actual needs.

At the same time, the MT platform allows users to withdraw their game revenue at any time and arrive at the account extremely quickly. This truly achieves the goal of playing games anytime, anywhere, making big money anytime, anywhere, and withdrawing cash anytime, anywhere in seconds.

  • Multiple benefits, unlimited appreciation

The Serial Arena restructures the relationship between game players and the game platform with the interests of platform users as the core. Not only can players actually benefit from the game, they can also get a commission for group-joining revenues, truly achieving one-click participation and multiple benefits.

At the same time, the serial arena is also a game flow and game digital asset interaction platform based on economic models. It relies on reward systems such as player user incentives and game community governance to form a joint construction system among game developers, game communities, and the majority of players and users. This constitutes a complete, close, win-win, and interoperable blockchain game ecosystem.

Host: Q6. MTC has unique advantages in both technology and ecological applications. What are your expectations regarding the value of ecological token M?

JIN KO: As an equity certificate in the MTC network, M plays a key role in MTC community governance, in-app value transfer, ecological data management, and MER architecture. In addition, the token support in the M+ traffic blue ocean commercial plan is also realized through M.

I believe that as more and more high-traffic applications are accessed and more online and offline cooperation is carried out, the value of M will be fully enhanced. Its market recognition will naturally increase. What’s more, M will also start a periodic destruction plan, and the final quantity will be reduced from the current 21 million to 2.1 million. Imagine that with the continuous increase in user volume and ecological volume, the value-added space of its price will exceed imagination.

So I am very optimistic about the expected value of M coins. However, investment is risky. Please be cautious when entering the market.

Host: Q7. We also understand that MTC has been listed on the South Korean BW Exchange. M is sought after by many digital currency traders. Can you tell me the focus and plan of MTC’s next development?

JIN KO: The praise of the market is the technical recognition of our MTC project team. Once MTC was opened for trading on the BW exchange, the M currency rose gratifyingly. At the same time, the outstanding performance of MTC in the Korean market also caused widespread heated discussions in domestic and overseas media. It has been collectively reported by more than 100 local media such as KPB TV, CCTV 뉴스, 뉴스 N, etc.

This trip to the Korean market is not only an important part of MTC’s high-traffic commercial ecosystem, but also an important step for MTC to launch its international strategy. In order to adapt to MTC’s global development strategy and fully meet overseas business needs, MTC’s overseas business department has accelerated its talent development strategy. MTC has successively hired: Mr. Rocky, a global blockchain core technology expert, and Ms. Jesse Park, a world-renowned financial database expert. Through close cooperation, we improve the level of technology research and development and operation management, and jointly promote the ecological construction and internationalization of MTC.

Regarding the future development focus and planning, MTC has smoothly transitioned from the era of “Dawn of Light” to the era of “Ecological Journey”. At this stage, we are continuing to implement ecological applications relying on the large-scale traffic commercial system, the M+ traffic blue ocean commercial plan and the M+ fund. We cover many high-traffic application areas such as advertising, games, e-commerce, social networking, and scene finance.By creating a global traffic pool application matrix, we are paving the way for the 3.0 “High Light Era”. We strive to achieve integration and high-traffic commercial use as soon as possible, and support the high-concurrency, high-performance public chain 3.0. We will bring more safe and convenient applications and services to users worldwide.

At the same time, under the strategic deployment of globalization and compliance, we are also continuing to promote localized operations in different countries. Currently MTC has successfully entered the Korean market. The main chain token M has also successfully landed on mainstream exchanges in South Korea, and has been enthusiastically sought after by local digital currency users. Next, we will join hands with more partners in the industry and abroad to deepen the development of globalization.

In addition, in terms of landing application construction, recently we are also designing some innovative gameplay around DeFi and liquid mining. The product is steadily advancing, the specific details will not be explained here. We will launch the product as soon as possible to meet with you, so stay tuned.




Metcalfe Chain(MTC) is a new generation of intelligent traffic application aggregation public chain.