In-depth analysis — MTC intelligent traffic chain ecological development—— Ecological Application

In addition, MTC recently launched the MTC public chain wallet (MTCWallet) and linked the MTC ecology. It now supports diversified digital assets in the ecosystem such as the main chain token M coin, side chain token MT, and “M+” fund token MF.

According to the official introduction of MTC, as a decentralized wallet, MTC wallet uses private key local storage, physical isolation and multi-layer algorithm encryption to ensure data security. It also supports node free switching and breakpoint reconnection technology to ensure the stability and reliability of the node.

MTC Wallet is truly based on the needs of users and provides safe and easy-to-use one-stop asset management services for global users. Users can quickly trade and use application services while ensuring 100% control of their assets.

Steady development of traffic ecology

To sum up, MTC has always been writing its own development history, and every step in the path of ecological expansion is steady and steady, with clear goals. On November 24, “BEYOND 2020 Blockchain Industry Conference” MTC won the 2020 Most Technologically Innovative Public Chain Award, which reflects the market’s technical recognition of the MTC project team and optimistic market expectations.

In the digital age, as people begin to gradually realize the value of data and the need for data confirmation. This will give birth to new market demands and ecological applications. And MTC has completed two generations of product upgrade iterations in just over a year. At the same time, we have put forward development plans that meet our own needs in different development periods. From the past 1.0 to the present 2.0, and then to the future 3.0 era, each stage has a bright spot, and continues to promote the construction of a traffic ecological platform. We are committed to achieving the goal of large-scale traffic commercialization for enterprises and are also affecting the entire blockchain traffic application ecology.