In-depth analysis — MTC intelligent traffic chain ecological development — — “M+” Ecological Fund

MTC Intelligent Traffic Chain launched the “M+” ecological fund. We open up 10 million support funds to open applications, aiming to help ecological builders in market construction. We will build a group of professional, capable and strong community teams and future leaders.

It is understood that M+” funds have five major characteristics:

1. Fair and open: The “M+” fund is open to the entire network, including but not limited to existing project teams in the MTC ecosystem. As long as you are motivated, as long as you want to build a high-quality team and a strong team system, you can apply!

2. Openness and transparency: “M+” Fund Pass MF is a stable value token launched based on the MTC public chain, and the foundation issues support funds through MF. All data is on the chain, and users can check it through the MTC blockchain browser at any time. This ensures that the entire fund operation is absolutely transparent and fair.

3. Exclusive resources: The MTC team has very rich technical and community resources. Online and offline cooperation scenarios cover a series of high-traffic fields such as live video, large-scale games, e-commerce, and scene finance.

4. Funding guarantee: At present, 10 million support funds of “M+” fund have been opened for application. A total of 4 million funds will be allocated for the first phase, and multiple phases will be launched in succession. Funds are issued using the stable value token MF launched in accordance with the MTC public chain protocol, and the official will exchange it at a constant ratio of MF=1CNY.

5. Professional training: “M+” Fund always takes the mission of discovering and cultivating potential community teams. MTC will enhance the comprehensive strength of the team in an all-round way through a professional and comprehensive personnel training mechanism and special offline practical courses, and comprehensively deepen the understanding of the blockchain industry.

MTC is a newcomer in the public chain sector. The creation of “M+” funds is a clear approach. This can not only create a new opportunity for its own ecological development, but also form two wings with the M+ traffic blue ocean commercial plan. This will once again help improve the MTC ecosystem, push MTC to the 3.0 era of high light, and create and incubate a more robust, powerful, and broader ecosystem.




Metcalfe Chain(MTC) is a new generation of intelligent traffic application aggregation public chain.

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Metcalfe Chain(MTC) is a new generation of intelligent traffic application aggregation public chain.

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