Incubation, integration and win-win, the unbounded nature of “M+” ecological fund

Currently, as an important part of the development of the blockchain industry, ecological funds are gradually evolving into one of the standard items for project development. Whether it is star projects such as IPFS, Polkadot, and ETH, or exchanges such as Huobi and Binance, they have established their own ecological funds. In this way, we can promote our own development, and create and incubate an ecosystem with a sounder, stronger and wider coverage.

As a newcomer in the public chain sector, MTC focuses on traffic aggregation and aims at the large-flow application field of blockchain. It has successively launched the M+ traffic blue ocean commercial plan and the “M+” fund to promote the construction of the project’s ecological territory. Among them, the “M+” fund is an important step in the construction of the MTC ecosystem, and it advocates unprecedented openness.A new development opportunity is being created for MTC and the entire blockchain traffic application.

On November 13, Hanglian Finance invited Rocky, the technical consultant of MTC Intelligent Traffic Chain, to be the guest of the 10th “Hanglian Now” live broadcast room. Focusing on the theme of “Incubation, Integration, and Win-Win, the Unboundedness of “M+” Ecological Funds”, we will discuss the development trend of ecological funds in the blockchain industry and reveal the development and innovation of “M+” funds.

The following content has been compiled by Hanglian Finance and has been partially deleted without changing the original intention.

Guests sharing

Hello, everyone, I am Rocky, the technical consultant of MTC Intelligent Traffic Chain.

Let me briefly introduce myself. After I finished my master’s degree in computer science, I have been focusing on researching network security and privacy protection. At the same time, I am very concerned about the fields of distributed systems and applied cryptography.

I think the blockchain industry is a very fast iterative industry. Only continuous learning can keep up with the pace of market development. Otherwise, if you don’t pay attention to the market for a period of time, you may be completely out of touch. So I have been emphasizing this point in the MTC team.

Next, I will briefly introduce MTC. Metcalfe Chain, our Chinese name is Intelligent Traffic Chain, or MTC for short. It belongs to a new generation of smart traffic application aggregation public chain. In April 2019, we released version 1.0 of MTC Intelligent Traffic Chain. In MTC Intelligent Traffic Chain 1.0, the core part includes the proposed distributed smart traffic pool framework MTC ENGINE and Metcalfe token model, compatible with IPFS , Cloud computing architecture, adopting cross-chain parachain paradigm management.

In July of this year, the MTC intelligent traffic chain was upgraded to version 2.0. Compared with version 1.0, version 2.0 introduced a number of major improvements, including: ①The first mergeable smart governance architecture MER, which supports traditional traffic integration systems MTC. ②Update the mechanism of video traffic distribution sinking to nodes to accelerate the application of large video traffic. ③The first ecological application to verify the Metcalfe pass model, based on the MBFT consensus of traffic management.

Regarding MTC, our goal and vision has always been to dedicate ourselves to cracking the core pain points of blockchain large-scale traffic applications and becoming a large-scale traffic commercial blockchain.




Metcalfe Chain(MTC) is a new generation of intelligent traffic application aggregation public chain.

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Metcalfe Chain(MTC) is a new generation of intelligent traffic application aggregation public chain.

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