“M+” Ecological Fund officially launched

On October 31, after multiple rounds of internal discussions, the MTC team decided to officially launch the MTC Intelligent Traffic Chain Ecological Fund-the “M+” Ecological Fund.

At present, the 10 million “M+” support fund has been opened for application. The fund is mainly used to help ecological builders to build the market and cultivate a more professional and systematic high-quality team. The first phase of the fund will allocate a total of 4 million funds to eligible applicants. And subsequent phases will be launched to accelerate the rapid growth of potential teams and establish a complete team and project system.

The “M+” fund is not only for existing project teams in the MTC ecosystem, other outstanding entrepreneurs and traditional project teams in the industry also can apply.

Eligible applicants, regardless of whether they participate in MTC, as long as they have motivation, the needs and willingness to form a team and project development, can apply. As long as the detailed project system construction plan is submitted to the official, after the review is passed, the “M+” fund will allocate support funds as required. In addition, the use of funds will also be recorded on the MTC Intelligent Traffic Chain, and users can check on the chain to ensure the fairness and openness of support funding.

In addition, the “M+” fund will also work with the “M+” traffic blue ocean commercial plan to form the wings of MTC ecological expansion and promote the development of MTC’s large-flow application ecology.

The “M+” traffic blue ocean commercial plan is one of the keys to the expansion of the MTC ecosystem. We will support the ecological project in various aspects such as technology, manpower, and certificates to create a prosperous MTC intelligent traffic ecosystem.

MTC will provide human support for ecological projects including free technical consultants, participation in roadshows, technical design and code consultants, emergency incident handling, etc., as well as free technical support, including detailed design plans, codes, test cases, operation management, Interface management, etc. MTC will also provide support for integrated traffic management, private domain traffic creation, business reconstruction and transformation, node deployment, blockchain mergers, and token model upgrades to quickly promote the development of the MTC intelligent traffic chain ecosystem.

As the “fuel” of the MTC traffic blue ocean commercial plan, the “M+” fund can accelerate the cultivation and incubation of large traffic applications, highlighting the advantages of MTC’s “integrated traffic management” and “compatibility with centralized and decentralized traffic paradigms”.

At the same time, because of the openness of the “M+” fund, it can attract more ecological applications to join the MTC network, thereby expanding the boundaries of the MTC ecosystem. In the future, the application fields can also gradually cover live video, large-scale games, large-scale advertising, autonomous driving and Internet of Things etc.. It will realize the connection between blockchain and real life, to rewrite the embarrassing situation of the lack of large-flow applications in the blockchain industry.

The launch of the “M+” fund is not only one of the important measures for MTC to plan for the future based on the current situation, but also a key step in the implementation of the 2.0 ecological journey era. If you want to shape the future 3.0 highlight era, you must first create a complete ecological map. And a complete ecological map requires the participation of many projects. The “M+” fund can accelerate market participation and ecological cultivation, which plays an important role in the ecological construction of MTC.

With the advancement of the “M+” fund and the traffic blue ocean business plan, MTC will continue to increase its efforts in ecological construction. MTC aims to create a global traffic pool application matrix based on MTC and realize the vision and development of MTC. mission.



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