MT Economic Plan

2 min readDec 23, 2020


MT Token The total amount is 1 billion, 50 million for technical operations, 350 million for coin-holding mining power, and 600 million for game mining.

Technical operation accounts for 50 million pieces — -used for the project’s pre-operation, technology research and development, ecological construction, etc.

The mining computing power accounts for 350 million pieces-the POS consensus mechanism (proof of rights) is adopted for mining. The greater the amount of currency held, the more coins are obtained from mining every day.

The game mining computing power accounts for 600 million pieces — -based on the length of the game, the input of game assets, etc., to mine.

Anonymous protocol: MimbleWimble protocol.

Consensus algorithm: Equihash POW mining type MOV.

MT is a new generation of intelligent game application chain, which gathers blockchain, finance, management experts and scholars, and jointly initiates the innovation of the underlying technology of the blockchain. It uses the “confidential transaction” privacy protection protocol and adopts the safe and fast Equihash PoW (Proof of Work Mining) Algorithm) as a consensus algorithm. It uses the three-dimensional standards of credibility, contribution, and activity to measure user behavior, time, and computing power contribution. MT builds a traffic interaction platform through economic models.

We insist on deepening traffic and increasing blockchain penetration. We build the killer application of mass traffic in the blockchain era on MT. This makes the blockchain design not only on the PC side or the server side. The high-traffic applications on MT can directly serve the mobile terminal and directly or indirectly help users understand or contact the blockchain industry.

We insist on lowering the threshold for the development of large-flow blockchain applications. Developers with blockchain-related backgrounds are very few in the developer community. MT provides basic technical services and opens the underlying technical network services. This will become a regular option for developers in the business design and system development process.

We insist on saving the operation and maintenance cost of blockchain large-flow applications, and build a basic technology development and operation environment that can undertake large-flow.Operators no longer worry about the development problems of infrastructure that cannot carry and run high-traffic applications. MT enables large-traffic basic service networks to provide long-term, efficient and stable blockchain services for the industry. We insist on improving the convenience for users to participate in blockchain applications, and build a large-flow application ecosystem. We will gather a new batch of potential development teams to build a high-traffic citation matrix in the digital world, which will affect the traffic circle of multiple countries and communities. In the end, this will allow more people to obtain convenient services for the development of high-traffic applications.




Metcalfe Chain(MTC) is a new generation of intelligent traffic application aggregation public chain.