MT SERIAL ARENA builds a win-win ecosystem with three advantages to protect the interests of players

Since the development of blockchain games, there are still many problems such as single gameplay, rough picture quality, opaque game mechanics, and the inability of game players to truly master game assets. In order to make game ownership truly return to users, and allow game players to obtain stable and sustainable income.

MT SERIAL ARENA is the first landing application on the MT intelligent game chain. It is also one of the important layouts of MTC ecology. It is not only the “King of Glory” of the blockchain industry, but also a game flow and game digital asset interaction platform based on economic models.

MT SERIAL ARENA is both entertaining and financial. It not only allows players to have fun, but also allows them to truly participate in the construction of the game ecosystem. Ultimately accelerate user feedback and prosperity of MTC ecology. It completely broke the barriers of the blockchain game economy and realized the sustainable development of the platform.

Three advantages of MT SERIAL ARENA

  1. The gameplay is simple and easy to use

Traditional games generally have complicated gameplay, slow withdrawals to accounts, and split between players and platforms. The serial arena integrates digital economy and game skillfully. He carefully designed the gameplay to make the game more fun, simpler and more efficient. Regardless of whether it is an individual player, playing the master node can easily play and earn, the income is withdrawn in seconds, and 7*24 hours borderless transactions.

2. Convenient flash redemption, withdraw within seconds

Serial Arena is the first landing application on the MT intelligent game chain. MT is a side chain developed based on the new generation of intelligent traffic aggregation public chain MTC intelligent traffic chain. Relying on MTC’s original high-traffic commercial architecture, Serial Arena can realize seamless conversion between digital assets. Users can exchange assets with one key according to actual needs.

At the same time, the MT platform allows users to withdraw their game revenue at any time and arrive at the account extremely quickly. This truly achieves the goal of playing games anytime, anywhere, making big money anytime, anywhere, and withdrawing cash anytime, anywhere in seconds.

3. Multiple benefits, unlimited appreciation

The Serial Arena restructures the relationship between game players and the game platform with the interests of platform users as the core. Not only can players actually benefit from the game, they can also get a commission for group-joining revenues, truly achieving one-click participation and multiple benefits.

The side chain issued by MT as MTC is not just a single blockchain project. He is also an integration of multiple research results on the distributed privacy Internet based on blockchain. MT is not only committed to the construction of the underlying blockchain technology in combination with the development of competitive games and the circulation of tokens. It will play an important role in identity security, internet freedom, social privacy, convenience, decentralized finance and commerce.




Metcalfe Chain(MTC) is a new generation of intelligent traffic application aggregation public chain.

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Metcalfe Chain(MTC) is a new generation of intelligent traffic application aggregation public chain.

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