MT SERIAL ARENA is officially released, opening a new era of blockchain game industry

On December 3, MT SERIAL ARENA was officially released. As the first game application under the MTC Intelligent Traffic Chain Ecosystem, it is not only the “king of glory” in the blockchain industry. It is also a game traffic and game digital asset interaction platform based on economic models.

Not only that, the serial arena is also a game flow and game digital asset interaction platform based on economic models. The game has gathered many experts and scholars from the blockchain, finance, and cryptography industries. Together, they innovatively designed the underlying technology of the blockchain and the economic model within the ecosystem, providing users with convenient and fun entertainment revenue services.

“SERIAL ARENA” uses CONFIDENTIAL TRANSACTIONS as a privacy protection agreement. It uses the safe and fast EQUIHASH POW (Proof of Work Mining Algorithm) as the consensus algorithm. The game uses three-dimensional standards of credibility, contribution, and activity to measure user behavior, time, and computing power contribution.

Relying on reward systems such as player user incentives and game community governance, the serial arena has formed a co-construction system among game developers, game communities, and the majority of players and users. The game constitutes a complete, close, win-win and interoperable blockchain game ecosystem. This completely broke the barriers of the blockchain game economy and realized the sustainable development of the platform.

“SERIAL ARENA” is one of the important layouts of MTC ecology. It is both entertaining and financial. This not only allows players to have fun, but also allows them to truly participate in the construction of the game ecosystem. In the end, he will accelerate user feedback and prosper the MTC ecology.

MTC will still adhere to the support of technical logic and regard ecological construction as the strategic fulcrum of blockchain projects. It will make full use of its capital and multiple resource capabilities to create a multi-level and high participation ecosystem. This will promote the healthy development of the blockchain industry and join hands with all ecological participants to share the dividends of the times.

Metcalfe Chain(MTC) is a new generation of intelligent traffic application aggregation public chain.