MT side chain technical architecture

Equihash is a proof-of-work mining algorithm (POW) designed by Alex Biryukov and Dmitry Khovratovich. Equihash is based on the broad birthday problem (computer science and cryptography concepts) and an enhanced Wagner algorithm. It was originally developed by Zcash. At present, the mining algorithm Equi-hash has been used by more than a dozen different blockchains, but many have evolved from Equihash variants. Advantages of the Equihash algorithm: It is ASIC resistant. This proof-of-work algorithm is purely memory-oriented, meaning that the amount of mining will depend on the amount of memory in the hardware. Due to its memory-intensive nature, it is difficult to build cost-effective dedicated hardware chips.

MT adopts the Equihash POW consensus algorithm which is efficient and safe, suitable for mining. This new algorithm will help surpass ASIC development and provide a level playing field for future MOV miners. The Equihash POW algorithm is optimized to be more efficient and can be mined using a standard PC with more RAM power. MT implements the EquihashPOW consensus algorithm, its parameters are n = 150, k = 5, which determines how much memory space/bandwidth is needed to find a solution. However, Equihash allows tokens and mining that were initially widely distributed. MT will set parameters to provide CPU and GPU miners with an important start beyond ASIC. Therefore, we will strike a balance between widespread democratic token distribution and the inevitable but coordinated attack resistance of ASIC miners.



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