MT side chain technology architecture

-Dandelion Spreading Protocol

The main purpose of the Dandelion Agreement is also to improve the privacy of Bitcoin transactions. It is important to know that the spread of bitcoin transactions does not hide the source of transactions well. Whenever a transaction is made, it will be disclosed to the nodes of the entire network, so people can trace the origin to the initial node. Dandelion is a new transaction broadcasting mechanism whose goal is to confuse the IP addresses of Bitcoin transactions. Like the stem and fluff contained in the petals of dandelion, the dandelion protocol is broadcast to the network in two stages: the “stem” stage (transactions are confused); the “fluff” stage (broadcast). In the “stem” phase, each node communicates the transaction to a single randomly selected peer node. Based on a certain fixed probability, the transaction will switch to the “fluff” mode. After that, it uses ordinary broadcast to communicate, and it becomes very challenging to map it back to the original node. Because the random nodes in the initial stage are confused, this prevents monitoring nodes from using dandelions to map transactions back to the original address. MT’s transaction broadcast adopts the Dandelion protocol, which well hides the original IP of the sender.