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How MTC works to crack the key pain points of large-scale traffic applications of blockchain

  1. Please briefly introduce the MTC project.

Metcalfe Chain (Intelligent Traffic Chain) referred to as MTC. It is a new generation of intelligent traffic application aggregation public chain, dedicated to cracking the key pain points of blockchain large-scale traffic applications.
MTC proposes the distributed intelligent traffic pool MTCENGINE, the mergeable governance architecture MER and the Metcalfe token model.MTC adopts the MBFT consensus based on distributed traffic management, which can compatible with IPFS and cloud computing architecture.
By activating the most extensive user idle traffic into millions of content terminal nodes, providing convenient chain transformation and business transformation mode reconstruction for large-scale live video, large scale games, and high-traffic e-commerce businesses, scenario finances and other industries that need large volume of traffic.

2.What problem prompted you to propose the concept of MTC?

At present, blockchain as the core of the value of the Internet is refreshing the next technological revolution. After years of technological evolution, the blockchain world has produced a number of influential large projects, including DEFI, Filecoin DCEP and other highly anticipated large volume traffic projects.

However, despite the development of blockchain for more than a decade, the vast majority of traffic is still controlled by the traditional Internet, with Internet giants such as Amazon, Alibaba and Tencent collectively monopolizing more than 70 percent of Internet traffic.

As we all know, internet traffic is the core value-added asset of an industry and a company, and an important indicator to improve economic productivity. Internet traffic is also the basic element of the development of blockchain and the core value of the business reconstruction of blockchain

Compared with the traditional Internet, blockchain’s traffic appears in the form of decentralized, distributed, and dispersed subsidence. Internet traffic is the baton of blockchain industry development. From the development history of Bitcoin, Ethereum, exchanges, DEFI and IPFS, all of them are developed in the process of competing for traffic. The POW consensus of Bitcoin is formed by homogeneous traffic with the same belief, while Filecoin has gathered a large number of miners who believe that IPFS represents the future traffic.

The current situation is that, people made a lot of work to promote the traffic in blockchain, but overall progress is very slow. Take bitcoin as an example, it took a decade for vitcoin to build consensus and attract miners from around the world. However, from the invention of Bitcoin, its traffic economic model is still a one-way, the market price of bitcoin is dependent on increasing traffic to support, as long as no one to buy for a period of time, value collapse will occur and then cause the lack of traffic.

3.How does MTC solve these problems?

The mission of MTC is to crack the core pain point that blockchain lacking of large volume of traffic, and serve as new infrastructure, digital transformation, and 5G commercial ecology.

We will rely on advanced MTC Intelligent chain, rely on its advanced MTC ENGINE, MER governance and Metcalfe model, establishing integrated traffic management paradigm, absorbing more large-volume traffic application, with its powerful member system, drainage centralized traffic to blockchain, driven by application, and reconstruct the commercial landing of large-scale traffic project.

We insist on increasing the traffic to improve the blockchain penetration rate, build killer blockchain application with a large volume traffic on MTC. As a result, the design of Blockchain will not only stay at the PC and or service end, but also allow the large –scale volume application on MTC to directly serve the mobile end, helping users to understand or contact the blockchain industry directly and indirectly.

We insist on lowering the threshold of blockchain-related application development. Developers with blockchain-related backgrounds are very few in the developer community. MTC provides basic technical services and opens the underlying technical network services, which has become a common option for developers in the development process of business design system.

We insist on saving the operation and maintenance cost of applications in blockchain, and building the basic technology development and operation environment that can undertake large flow. The operation staff will no longer worry about the development problem that the infrastructure cannot deal with the application with large volume traffic. MTC enables the basic service network with large volume traffic to provide long-term, efficient and stable blockchain services for the industry.

4. MTC’s current comparative advantages?

The MTC intelligent traffic chain we are building consists of the following four components:

1)Distributed Intelligent traffic pool: MTCENGINE

Distributed intelligent traffic pool MTCENGINE provides a decentralized traffic integration framework, it can according to our understanding of the value of blockchain traffic for standardization, constructing logic unified physical nodes sink to traditional centralized traffic flow of distributed paradigm, to provide Internet distributed MTCENGINE reproducible flow of commercial operation mode is also a basic platform for the traffic, its intelligent engine, as the traffic integration makes the other service providers can also build your own large volume traffic applications.

2)MBFT Consensus

Served large volume traffic commercial applications, MTC intelligent traffic chain applied a Byzantine Fault Tolerance algorithm (MBFT) blending the traffic elements, as well as the technical characteristics of DPoS(The best Proof of Stake) and HotStuff, as well as the best Tolerance algorithm (MBFT) for permissioned public chain . At the same time,MTC provides a good basis for compatibility for the merger and acquisition governance mechanism.

3)Mergeable governance architecture MER

In order to reduce community friction and adapt to the business development trend and operation mode of large-scale traffic commercial process, we need to consider three aspects of governance requirements.

A.MTC Intelligent traffic chain upgrades, changes, and exist;

B.Traditional traffic and external blockchain traffic injected into the MTC intelligent chain for special governance;

C.Extensive community participation, and our governance mechanisms should ensure transparency and fairness for all;

4)Metcalf ecological economy model

Metcalfe’s Law tells us that the value of the network is equal to the number of nodes in the network squared, so V is equal to n squared (V is the total value of the network, n is the number of users). The rule means, if there are n people in a network, so network for each person’s value and the network is proportional to the number of others, the total value of such networks for all and the n (n — 1) = n2- n is proportional to the if everyone in a network of network value is 1 RMB, so scale is 10 times as much as the network is equal to the total value of 100 RMB The total value of a network with a scale of 100 times is equal to 10,000 RMB. The network with a scale of 10 times increases in value by 100 times.

5.What applications are currently in the MTC ecosystem?

To make the MTC imagine landing in mass traffic applications, we launched a blue ocean commercial program which is coded as M+.

M+ blue ocean commercial program planned to use the support of manpower, technology and token pattern, fully utilize MTC’s advantages of “integrated traffic management”, “compatible of centralized and decentralized traffic paradigm”, promoting and nurturing intellectual chain application in high volume traffic application ecosystem, including live video, large-scale games, large-scale Ads, automatic driving (5G), IOT, CDN accelerator and so on.

6.Recent plans of MTC?

At present, MTC 2.0, ecological journey era has entered a critical period. We will carefully deploy M+ plan to help ShowLike+ build the first MTC phenomena-level application in the next three years. In order to achieve the goal that large-scale commercial traffic can be widely used, we will fully enter the MTC 3.0 high-light era, we will realize the following goal:

√ Build a high-performance public chain with integrated large-scale traffic business, and support for high concurrency;

√ Showlike+ enter the era 2.0, more Showlikers will appear;

√ Access to ads, games, e-commerce, social scene, finance and other traffic application fields to create a global traffic pool application matrix;

√ The world’s first verifiable blockchain merger governance architecture was produced, and Metcalfe’s token model was widely adopted;

√ Large Internet enterprises take MTC main chain as the basic service design, and establish their own incentive and credits system based on decentralized traffic on the MTC main chain.



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Metcalfe Chain(MTC) is a new generation of intelligent traffic application aggregation public chain.