MTC Intelligent Traffic Chain deeply cultivates the blockchain industry to build a value traffic ecosystem in the new era

In the first half of this year, after Ali and Pinduoduo announced their first-quarter results, Pinduoduo’s share price rose by 14.5%, but Ali’s share price fell by 5.87%. That is to say, Ali’s market value evaporated 240 billion yuan overnight. The market value increased by 74.4 billion. Coincidentally, in the first half of this year, Tencent surpassed Alibaba with a total market value of HK$4.74 trillion, becoming the largest Internet company by market value. At the same time, Pinduoduo,, and Meituan have also ranked among the top five Chinese Internet companies by market value, second only to Ali and Tencent.

There is no doubt that Pinduoduo is the hottest company in recent years. Regardless of its market value or user scale, it is second only to Ali in the Chinese e-commerce business. Because of users, Pinduoduo can compete with Ali. Whether it is the Internet, the mobile Internet or the value Internet era, users are the core of business. Today, when the demographic dividend is gradually fading, it has become an indisputable fact that companies have gone from expanding users to competing for users. Now that we have entered the era of stocks, it is even more difficult for companies to obtain new traffic and new customers. Therefore, some experts in the industry suggest that in order to stabilize the sales and operation of a company, it is necessary to develop a new traffic pool instead of focusing on the operation of existing traffic and existing customers.

In recent years, with the rapid development of blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies, many companies are hoping to use emerging technologies to open up new ecological traffic pools and enjoy the traffic dividends of the new era. But most companies have more than enough energy.

It is understood that the MTC intelligent traffic chain team has been deeply involved in the blockchain industry in recent years. We are committed to achieving the goal of large-scale traffic commercialization for enterprises. MTC released version 1.0 of the Intelligent Traffic Chain as early as April last year. After more than a year of iterative upgrades, in July this year, the MTC team sought a breakthrough and innovated again, and released version 2.0 of the Intelligent Traffic Chain.

MTC is a new generation of intelligent traffic application aggregation public chain, which combines blockchain, 5G, AI, big data and other emerging technologies. We have proposed a distributed traffic pool MTCENGINE, a mergerable governance structure MER and a Metcalfe pass model , Adopt MBFT consensus based on distributed traffic management. MTC is compatible with IPFS and cloud computing architecture, and forms a million-level content change node by activating the most extensive user idle traffic. MTC provides convenient chain reform, business transformation and model reconstruction for large-scale traffic industries such as live e-commerce, short video, large-scale games, scene finance, and provides enterprises with a value traffic ecosystem in the new era.

MTC intelligent traffic chain provides enterprises with the most effective large-scale traffic application solutions. The global value traffic ecological matrix created by MTC enables companies to accurately connect with customers and create an ecosystem of large-scale and high-traffic application scenarios such as live e-commerce and short videos. This will accumulate private domain traffic for enterprises, increase user stickiness, and increase conversion.

In addition, in order to enhance user stickiness and increase conversion, the MTC team also launched the “M+” ecological fund. The “M+” fund is a global professional community incubation fund and a catalyst in the MTC ecology. The “M+” fund provides one-stop professional community incubation services for global professional communities and people with lofty ideals through technology, capital, resources and other aspects. It is committed to tapping and cultivating potential and capable community teams and talents around the world, and achieves a win-win situation by creating a foundation + community ecological feedback development model.

Direct access to users through high-quality communities can better tap user value and enhance the high stickiness and conversion of existing users in the MTC ecological pool. This will help companies more easily achieve user fission growth, promote the sustainable development of MTC value flow ecology, and promote the entire blockchain industry process.

As the fuel in the MTC ecosystem, the “M+” tens of millions of subsidy fund has been opened to the entire network at this stage. As long as you are motivated and have dreams, you can come to apply. Applicants need to fill in the application form. After the official review is passed, you can apply for financial subsidies according to the prescribed process! The “M+” support fund issued the first batch of 4 million MF, and continued to issue 6 million MF. MF is a value-stable token launched based on the MTC public chain, and users can exchange at a constant ratio of 1MF=1CNY. MF can be used at any time and can be queried through the MTC blockchain browser to ensure the openness and transparency of information.

In the future, the MTC Intelligent Traffic Chain will work with the “M+” fund to jointly promote the MTC global value flow ecological matrix and be a pioneer of the new era of flow. MTC provides companies with a large-scale and precise global traffic ecological matrix, and creates a global traffic ecological feedback development model. We will achieve a win-win situation with global companies and promote the rapid development of the entire blockchain industry together!

Metcalfe Chain(MTC) is a new generation of intelligent traffic application aggregation public chain.