MTC launched the exchange and started the M+ plan for the international market

According to official news, MTC officially launched the exchange at 15:00 on November 10, 2020(HKT), with a starting price of 100 USDT. In less than one hour of the launch, the price of MTC soared rapidly, reaching a maximum of 558 USDT, with a maximum increase of 433.28%.

After the exchange is launched, MTC will accelerate its international development in the future. MTC will connect more international applications to the MTC ecosystem, promote the development of the blue ocean plan of M+ traffic, and create a global High-traffic application matrix. At the same time, it will continue to iterate and optimize the underlying technology of MTC, and gradually build MTC into an integrated high-traffic commercial public chain that can support high concurrency and high performance. As the equity certificate in the MTC network, M coins play a key role in MTC community governance, in-app value transfer, ecological data management and MER architecture. In addition, the token support in the M+ flow blue ocean commercial plan is also passed through M coins to realize.

As more and more high-traffic applications are accessed and more online and offline cooperation is carried out, M coins will be fully circulated and its value will be further released. M coins will also start a periodic destruction plan, and eventually M coins will be reduced from the current 21 million to 2.1 million.

Metcalfe Chain intelligent traffic chain, referred to as MTC. It is a new generation of intelligent traffic application aggregation public chain, dedicated to cracking the core pain points of blockchain large-scale traffic applications. The MTC intelligent traffic chain proposes the distributed intelligent traffic pool MTCENGINE, the mergeable governance architecture MER and the Metcalfe token model, adopts the MBFT consensus based on distributed traffic management, is compatible with IPFS, cloud computing architecture. By activating the widest range of user idle traffic, a million-level content edge node is formed, which provides convenient chain reform and business transformation model reconstruction for large-scale traffic industries such as live video, large-scale games, high-traffic e-commerce, and scene finance.

BW is known as “Binet” in the industry. As one of the three well-known mining pools in the early days, with the top global domain name BW.IO and millions of users. In 2017, Australia’s Collinstar Holding (Collinstar Holding) wholly acquired Binet mining pool Web-Domain. Web-Domain officially became the first national POS mining community and digital asset derivatives trading platform based on mining pools. Currently, BW has received all-round technical support from ZB, one of the world’s largest digital asset trading platforms. The upgraded BW, as a contract trading platform, will fill the gap in the ZB trading ecosystem and form a core strategic alliance with it.

Metcalfe Chain(MTC) is a new generation of intelligent traffic application aggregation public chain.