New Opportunities and New Challenges in the Commercial Era of Mass Flow

3 min readNov 26, 2020


At the ‘BEYOND 2020 Blockchain Industry Conference’, Rocky, the technical consultant of MTC Intelligent Traffic Chain Asia, participated in the award ceremony on behalf of the MTC project team. He delivered a keynote speech entitled “New Opportunities and New Challenges in the Era of Mass Traffic Commercial”.

Rocky said that now, the data ecology of the Internet industry is out of balance. For example, the emergence of digital hegemony has given birth to unprecedented traffic data oligarchs. Personal data is concentrated in the hands of some e-commerce and social media giants, forming insurmountable barriers to competition. All kinds of data discrimination, big data familiarization and even privacy infringement have begun to appear in large numbers. Small and medium-sized enterprises are simply unable to compete with those large enterprises. This has led to the simplification of ecological development, and ordinary people have no knowledge of data operations, leading to the lack of data property rights.

In addition, at the social and industry level, there is a lack of data sharing, circulation and transaction standards. At the enterprise level, there is a lack of data confirmation and a lack of management and control mechanisms that combine business and cross-business sectors. At the management level, there is a lack of control over the entire life cycle of data and data standardization.

The current data ecosystem is out of balance. These are the challenges faced by the development of the data ecosystem. Challenges mean new opportunities, especially for public chains based on traffic data like MTC. How thorough the cognition, use, integration, and innovation of data is, how big dividends and opportunities can be created.

Rocky emphasized that the essence of traffic is data, which is “a collection of user attention and behavior data.” Therefore, MTC is not only an intelligent traffic aggregation public chain, but also an intelligent blockchain data management platform. What MTC has to do is to link the traditional Internet and blockchain industries on the basis of data, and take the lead in the blockchain data ecology through traffic drive.

In the future, as people begin to gradually realize the value of data and the need for data confirmation, new market demands and ecological applications will emerge.

Rocky said that the creation of ecological applications is the key to pushing the blockchain to a wider market. It is also the next milestone in the realization of the data application ecosystem. In order to create a traffic application ecology, MTC proposed the M+ traffic blue ocean commercial plan and the “M+” ecological fund. It is used to help ecological builders to provide technical support, market construction, and cultivate a more professional and systematic high-quality team.

The “M+” fund and M+ plan are important boosts for the construction of MTC ecological applications. This is not only to promote the landing of MTC ecological applications, but also to promote the integration of the entire blockchain industry with the real economy. In the digital age, establishing a data flow ecology is the key to in-depth data application opening.

As a new driving force for economic growth, data is now most needed to explore a new data management and usage model. Standardize value-added services for traffic data, protect user privacy and data security, continue to promote the integration of data and blockchain technology, and promote the landing of ecological applications in multiple fields.

Finally, Rocky talked about the connection effect due to digitalization. The accumulation of data will continue to accelerate. The areas covered by the data will continue to expand. The reserves of data resources will also be more abundant. Therefore, every company in the industry that has a strategic vision and considers long-term development is considering: how to convert data from resources to assets, how to make traditional data smoothly on the chain, how to convert data into more valuable traffic, and how to use huge Data promotes the prosperity of the application ecosystem. This is also the focus and practice direction of the MTC team.




Metcalfe Chain(MTC) is a new generation of intelligent traffic application aggregation public chain.