The twenty-seventh issue of the ‘ZB Hot Chat’ live broadcast: ‘MTC First Launch on AMA’

A new generation of intelligent traffic application aggregation public chain

The twenty-seventh issue of the “ZB Hot Chat” live broadcast initiated by ZB was opened at 17:30 on Oct. 23 in the ZB APP Hot Chat Group (MTC Hot Chat Group), with the topic of “A New Generation of Intelligent Traffic Applications Converged Public Chain”, ZB Group Commercial Director Jessica had an in-depth conversation with MTC technical consultant Rocky.

Host: Hello everyone, I’m Jessica, Commercial Director of ZB Group and the host of today’s AMA. Traffic has always been the mainstay of the Internet industry, and sometimes traffic represents money, for example, the video app Douyin, the news app Toutiao, etc. Today we’re glad to share an excellent project MTC, a new generation of intelligent traffic application aggregation public chain. MTC is a highly grounded project, and the recent ecology of MTC3.0 version has successfully created a video app specially for Bitcoin. Following please allow me to invite Rocky, the technical consultant of MTC, to share with us more dry goods about MTC.

1. First of all, please invite the guests to say hello to everyone and briefly introduce the MTC project.

Rocky: Thanks to the host. I am Rocky, the technical consultant of MTC Intelligent Traffic Chain. I am very happy to have the opportunity to communicate with gays here.

Metcalfe Chain’s Chinese name is Intelligent Traffic Chain, MTC for short. It is a new generation of intelligent traffic application aggregation public chain, dedicated to cracking the core pain points of blockchain large-scale traffic applications. The MTC intelligent traffic chain proposes a distributed intelligent traffic pool (MTCENGINE), a mergeable governance structure MER and a Metcalfe token model, which adopts the MBFT consensus based on distributed traffic management. MTC is compatible with IPFS, cloud computing architecture, and is the most widely activated The idle traffic of users forms a million-level content edge node, which provides convenient chain reform and business transformation model reconstruction for large-scale traffic industries such as live video, large-scale games, high-traffic e-commerce, and scene finance.

2. According to the project introduction, the token model adopted by MTC is the Metcalfe token model. What is the difference from the general token model?

Rocky: That’s a good question. There are three laws in the Internet industry, and Metcalfe’s law is one of them: The value of a network is equal to the number of nodes in the network, and the value of that network is in proportion to the square number of network users.

This law tells us: if a network valued each person in the network is 1 yuan, then the total value of a network that is 10 times larger is equal to 100 yuan; the total value of a network that is 100 times larger is equal to 10,000 yuan. A 10-fold increase in network size will increase its value 100-fold.

Inspired by Metcalfe’s Law, we proposed the Metcalfe ecological economic model. We regard the MTC application ecology as a user, and the value of the entire MTC is V. We will design a positive feedback economic mechanism, and each traffic application will receive entering, which will bring square plus multiplication growth to the entire MTC value.

3. At present, the market competition in various fields of traditional traffic is very fierce, such as live video, games, e-commerce, etc. Is MTC aimed at creating a traffic industry in the currency circle? Will this conflict with the traditional traffic market? If there is no conflict, how to attract traffic from the traditional market?

Rocky: We all know that traffic is the core value-added asset both of an industry and a company, and an important indicator of improving economic productivity. Traffic is also the basic element of blockchain development and the core value of blockchain commercial reconstruction.

Compared with the traditional Internet, the flow of blockchain is presented in the form of decentralization, distribution and decentralization. What MTC has to do is to aggregate these decentralized, distributed, and decentralized sinking traffic, and to link the traditional Internet traffic to the blockchain field.

4. At present, we know that in the MTC2.0 era, a video social app, ShowLike+, for young people has been created., I used it, too, and the smooth experience impressed me. I feel that ShowLike+ is more similar to that of Douyin but with different the target group: cryptocurrency users. In terms of products, is the ambition of ShowLike+ just to create a cryptocurrency version of “Tik Tok”?

Rocky: ShowLike+ is an Internet application that uses the underlying technology of MTC, so its target users are never limited to small circles in the industry, nor is it to be a Douyin in the cryptocurrency circle. ShowLike+ has its own development positioning and planning.

First of all, ShowLike+ is a value social aggregation platform and the first practice of Metcalfe’s economic model. MTC will fully cooperate with the ShowLike community in terms of manpower, technology and capital. Secondly, ShowLike+ is more than just Douyin. It integrates short video, live broadcast, dating, O2O, and search functions based on the technology of Douyin, Kuaishou, Meituan, Momo, Baidu and other apps. At the same time, it will give each active user a value return, “Let every interaction create value”, this is a very important point, so that all users can enjoy the value dividend of corporate growth. Finally, ShowLike+ targets at the global market, and we hope that users all over the world will show off their bright moments on ShowLike+.

The launch of ShowLike+ will also further enrich the ecological construction of MTC, and meanwhile attract more commercial application scenarios to join, and to build a new large-traffic commercial landing ecosystem.

5. Can you briefly talk about the next step of MTC and its first on-chain application ShowLike+?

Rocky: MTC’s route is to retake the 10-year path of Bitcoin through the next ten years, and is committed to achieving large-scale traffic commercialization and to creating phenomenal applications.

In April 2019, MTC1.0-the “Light of Dawn” era came out, laying a solid technical framework foundation for large-scale traffic commercialization. After more than a year of iteration, in July this year, MTC officially entered 2.0, which is the era of “ecological journey”. We solved the defects of version 1.0 and proposed many innovative technologies and models for 2.0.

At present, the MTC 2.0 “ecological journey” era has entered a critical period. We will carefully deploy the M+ plan to help ShowLike+ become the first MTC phenomenon-level application. In the next three years, we will fully enter the MTC 3.0 “Highlight Era”. At this stage, our goals include but are not limited to: building an integrated high-traffic commercial, supporting a high-concurrency, high-performance public chain 3.0; expanding the ShowLike+ ecosystem and entering the 2.0 era; accessing advertising, games, e-commerce, social networking, scene finance and other high-traffic application fields to create a global traffic pool application matrix; maturing blockchain merger governance architecture, and widely applying the Metcalfe model to large Internet companies.

As for ShowLike+, I said just now that it targets at the global market, and it has received 30 million US dollars in financing from N&C capital and imported 30 million online traffic. According to the layout plan, ShowLike+ aimed to opening Southeast Asia market in 2021, the European and American markets in 2022, and the global market in 2023, achieving the market goal of 300 million users and 75 billion market capitalization in the future.

6. In the traffic industry, how will MTC make full use of the value and use of tokens?

Rocky: First of all, in the entire MTC ecosystem, the value circulation, user behavior rewards, community governance, cross-chain governance, etc. all require the participation of M coins.

In addition, we have also launched the M+ traffic commercial plan. MTC aims to take advantages of MTC’s “integrated traffic management” and “compatibility with centralized and decentralized traffic paradigms” through the support of manpower, technology and tokens. , in order to promote and cultivate the application ecology of intelligent traffic chain in high traffic, including live video, large-scale games, large-scale advertising, autonomous driving (5G), Internet of Things, CDN acceleration and other scenarios.

7. We have also seen that the main chain currency of MTC will be open for trading on the ZB exchange. For users, what application scenarios and expected value does M currency have?

Rocky: For Token, the most important thing is to be demanded. The demand scenario for M coins is very sufficient. It can be used in future MTC ecological applications, whether it is live broadcast rewards, autonomous driving payments, large-scale advertising payments, and so on.

When it comes to currency value, it is ultimately determined by the market. However, we can briefly talk about the appreciation space of M coins. The total amount of M coins is 21 million, and there will be no additional issuance. The team has also carefully designed the repurchase and destruction mechanism. Finally, it is estimated that 2.1 million coins will be destroyed. The final degree of deflation will have a positive impact on M coins. What’s more, the future ecological application of MTC is very extensive, and circulation creates value. You can imagine that so many places need M coins, how much room for its value-added! I can only say one thing, Bitcoin today, M coins in the future, lol.



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